Walking Blocks
December 04 2006 11:25 PM

Suppose you are standing on a street corner and need to get to another corner several blocks south east of you. Traveling only south or east (you can't cut diagonally through a block, nor would you double back and go north or west) how many paths are there from point A to point B?

See if you can figure it out then click through to read my solution.

Building Your Classpath Dynamically
November 30 2006 09:55 AM
Quite often I'll write a Java program that I want to run from the command line only to discover I need to include a dozen or more JARs in the classpath - and which JARs isn't obvious, not even from the the ClassNotFoundExceptions you wade through after each failed run. So add all the JARs in the lib directory -- except I'm lazy. Here's my solution that required far less typing.
An Adaptive Web
November 22 2006 06:04 PM
Some random thoughts I had on the plane while reading "Emergence" by Steven Johnson.
Core Web Services and Flickr's XML-RPC API
November 14 2006 10:01 AM

Flickr has an XML-RPC based API. Apple has a Framework for XML-RPC called Web Services Core. So you'd think it would be trivial to write a flickr client in Cocoa. While not particularly difficult, it is a pain in the neck. To save others that pain I've documented how I got it working.

Structured Data and iCal
October 20 2006 12:30 PM

Ever wish you could store structured data in an iCal appointment? And then be able to query that data later on? Using Applescript Studio this article shows how easy it is to build a simple data entry tool to create these attributed calendar entries.

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